Remove System Apps in Android Without Root [Lucky Patcher App]

Remove System Apps in Android Without Root [Lucky Patcher App]: Uninstall Apps using Lucky Patcher Apk Latest Version Download for Android Mobiles No Root. When you purchase a smartphone, your phone comes loaded with many system apps. No matter whether you want to use the app or not, you don’t have the freedom to remove those system apps. This means that much of the space of your smartphone is occupied by the system apps which you don’t use or have plans of using in the future. If you want to remove these system apps, then you will be glad to know that you have options. You can use Lucky Patcher to remove system apps from your device.

Remove/Uninstall Apps Lucky Patcher APk

How To Use Lucky Patcher to Remove System Apps?

You normally don’t need to root your device when you want to use Lucky Patcher for basic stuff like removing apps or doing an in-app purchase. The truth is Lucky Patcher functions partially in a non-rooted device. If you want to benefit from Lucky Patcher fully, then you have to root your device. Having said that, the steps given below may or may not work for a non-rooted device but will surely work for a rooted device. There is no harm in trying, so you can go ahead to try to remove system apps in Android without root by using the Lucky Patcher app. Follow the step by step guide below to remove the inbuilt system apps.

Step 1: Download and Install Lucky Patcher.

Step 2: Open Lucky Patcher app.

Step 3: You will see a list of the installed apps on your Android. Click on the app that you want to uninstall.

Remove System Apps Lucky Patcher

Step 4: You will come across the following options now: App Info, Launch App, Open Menu of Patches, Tools, Uninstall App, Clear Data, Move to sd card and Manage the App. You will have to click on ‘Uninstall App’ to uninstall the app from your smartphone.

Uninstall Apps using Lucky Patcher

Step 5: You will get this pop-up message: ‘Do you want to remove this app?’ Tap on ‘Yes’ to finally uninstall the app.

After few seconds, the app will be successfully removed from your smartphone. You can now enjoy the extra space that you have created to download and install an app useful for you. If you have face any difficulty in following the instructions given below, you can drop down your query or doubt in the comment section below. We will try our best to solve it. Please note that if the above-given steps have not worked in the smartphone, and then you will have to root your device to remove those inbuilt apps. I would like to inform that rooting the smartphone is not recommended for security reason. So, it’s totally your call whether you want to root your device or not. And also, root your device violates your warranty with the manufacturer. If things have worked your way without rooting your Android device, then there is nothing to worry about. You can also use the app to remove Google ads from other apps and to premium features of an app without spending a buck.


You can uninstall any apps that you want. But remember that, there are few important system apps which if uninstalled can either brick your smartphone or can make damage the functioning of your smartphone. So, it’s advice to you that make sure that you don’t uninstall important apps by following the instructions given above. You have to take the risk of removing important apps on your own. If you have successfully managed to uninstall the app of your choice, then do share the post with your friends to help them create space on their smartphone by removing unused apps.

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