No Wifi No Problem Games | Top Mobile Games You can Play Without Wifi

No Wifi No Problem Games: Hai Friends!! Are you interested in playing games? If so then here we are to give you the complete information about the best games that can be played without using the WiFi. Nowadays the competition between the major carriers in our country has increased and therefore many of the networks like T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T, etc. The limit to the internet usage speeds if you have a cross over of certain amount data used nation wide. Have you ever thought about playing the games without the use of Wifi? If so then this is the best place for you to get all the information about the games.

No Wifi No Problem Games

If there is No Wifi No Problem Games can be played then we can play the games. We can play the games without using the WiFi Connection and here are the best games which you can play with no wifi. Here we have shared you the information about top games without using the Wifi Connection.

No Wifi No Problem Games

Follow up the below list of No Wifi No Problem Games. Have a look at the below list of the games.

Top No Wifi No Problem Games

Angry Birds

Everyone is familiar with the Angry birds Game Series. It is the most popular game all over the world, and all most all the game lovers might have played the game. And the latest game series of the Ndry Birds is Angry Birds 2. It is the continuation of the original Angry Birds Series, and it functions similarly as the old version of the Angry Birds. The new mechanics revitalized and it can be reworked, and it controls to make the game feel better than before. In the original Angry Birds game, it is almost spin off, and we can play the game by launching the small birds at the target.  It is a series of platforms built to hold the pigs that you need to demolish.

No Wifi No Problem Games

Using the sling shot we can shoot your birds with their special powers so that we can crush pigs in few turns. Once you download this game on your device then you can easily play this game without the need of Wifi Connection.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

This is one of the popular and successful game in the today gaming world. It is popular from the year 2000 and it is the high-speed racing game.  Asphalt 8 is the successful game popular these days and it is one of the best racing games on the mobile platform. Like the other popular games, Asphalt 8 is the best mobile games on phones and tablets. And it is also having the several driving schemes that you can use to drive the car in races. Various options such as tilt to steer, tilt with icons, on-screen controls and etc. Game lovers interested in playing the Asphalt 8: Airborne immediately start downloading the game.

No Wifi No Problem Games


In the earlier stage, the platformers have focused on using the virtual buttons, D-pads for the controls and etc. The mechanism of using these characters did not translate well that is in the sense it did not reach out well to the audience. Hence, therefore, the platformers have made the new control schemes and new ways. One such kind of a game is the Badland which is released in the year 2013 for iOS and Android devices. And the best thing is that it has won the Apple Game of the Year award in 2013.

No Wifi No Problem Games

Badland is a place where a small black creature makes the way around the world with physics based game play. It controls through one touched game, gesture, and pressing down on the screen to raise the character. We can also gain power-ups along the way, allowing the character to shrink, speed up and a lot more.

Crossy Road

Crossy Road is also one of the popular games. It is easy to play the Crossy Road Game and all that you have to do is that we have to control the chicken crossing the road. The road fills with dozens of moving cars and semi trucks. And the visuals in this game match with the style of Minecraft which is a 3D Graphics.  Tap on the screen to cross the road and this game becomes more and more difficult.

No Wifi No Problem Games

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