Lucky Patcher APK vs Freedom APK Review [Which is Better]

Lucky Patcher APK vs. Freedom APK Review [Which is Better]: Two popular names among the gadget geeks who love free stuff are Lucky Patcher and Freedom. It is because both of them provide one or other free stuff to the users. It is very natural for you to get confused between the two apps. Therefore, today I will sort that confusion for you by telling you the function of each of the apps and then we will do a comparison, after which we will reach the final verdict. As both the apps are not available in Google Play Store, therefore you have to download Lucky Patcher APK and Freedom APK for downloading and installing the app. We will start by studying the features of Freedom APK.

Features of Freedom APK

  • You can use the app to get premium features like coins and gems for free in a gaming app.
  • There is no limit in accessing the premium apps. It will give you unlimited purchasing power.
  • It truly gives you the freedom to control the apps installed on your smartphone.
  • User-friendly interface.

Features of Lucky Patcher APK

  • It helps to completely remove the advertisements from the apps and games that you use.
  • It also allows you to get premium features like coins, gems and much more.
  • You gain the control to access all your Android apps and to modify them.
  • Frequent updates.
  • Helps you to escape security verification.

If you are still confused after reading the features of both the Freedom APK and Lucky Patcher APK, then you can move to the next section, where I have done a comparison by my experience.

Comparision: Freedom APK vs. Lucky Patcher Review

If you are playing a game and you believe that the developers have set high-security system for it, then you can use Freedom to break the security norms and for getting free gems and coins. You can use Lucky Patcher for unlocking premium features in low-end games and apps. You should also note that Lucky Patcher gets frequent updates to keep itself updated with the latest version of other apps while this is not the case with Freedom.

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This means you can rely more on Lucky Patcher. It also allows you to get rid of annoying ads and to escape from license verification; this is something that is not provided by Freedom APK. You can use Lucky Patcher with a bit of knowledge, but if you want to use Freedom, you will need to follow the exact how-to about the usage of it. Freedom is ahead of Lucky Patcher when it comes to modification of app data.

Lucky Patcher modifies the app data to a large extent while a Lucky Patcher fakes the purchase of app store, thereby not mingling much with the app data. The user interface of Freedom is more user-friendly in comparison to Lucky Patcher. With just one app, you can get the in-app purchase for free in Freedom, but in Lucky Patcher, you will have to go through some steps.

Final Verdict:

The Lucky Patcher APK and Freedom APK have a bit different usage. So, it’s better if you keep the both. You can keep Freedom APK if you are only concerned with getting the in-app purchases for free. But if you want flexibility and want to experience with what you can do with the apps, then Lucky Patcher APK is the app for you. Also, Freedom APK might not work with latest updates of the app, but it is never the case for Lucky Patcher. So, the final verdict is that Lucky Patcher is better than Freedom.

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