Download and install Gba emulator for iOS without jailbreak

GBA emulator for iOS without jailbreak: Any non-supported app or game can be accessed in this IOS device by using this emulator. And this is the main advantage in  IOS devices like iPhone and iPads. So that we can play games happily without any worries like whether this app supports the device or not.

GBA emulator for iOS

Download GBA Emulator for iOS without jailbreak

This GBA Emulator for iOS is the apt tool for playing Nintendo games; this is the happiest app for the game lovers to have it on their devices.

GBA Emulator for iOS

What is GBA (Game Boy  Advance)

It is a 32-bit video game developed by Nintendo. This GBA is one of most loved games in countries like  Japan and has sold more than 81 million units worldwide.

When the Apple devices iPhones and iPads updated to iOS platform, this GBA is failed to work on those devices. Now, happy news for all the Apple devices that  Gba4iOS has released which supports even the older iOS versions with no jailbreak.


GBA$iOS specially designed for iOS 7 and its later versions which include iOS 8 and ios 9. But the user complains that this app is failed to work on IOS 8. This app is designed entirely in an easy way, and its   Advanced blend is app. The latest version of GBA4iOS is GBA4iOS 2.0 has come with perfect and new features. Some of its features listed as below.

Features of GBA4iOS 2.0 

  • Sustain Button
  • Controller Vibration.
  • Games can turn off by listening to music in parallel
  • Suitable  for all iPad models and iPhone devices
  • Simulation experience in iPhone and iPads.
  • Support for cheats.
  • Download controller skins for Gameboy Advance and Gameboy Color games.
  • Dropbox sync.
  • Event Distribution.

GBA emulator for iOS

How to Download GBA4iOS in  iOS device

The first thing you need to know is you IOS device must not be upgraded to iOS 8 because this Gba4ios does not work in this version.

  • Open time and date time settings on your iOS device and turn off automatically slide.
  • Set the one day back or one month back to the current time.
  • Open Safari and download the GBA4iOS app by clicking on the official link because this app is not from the App Store.
  • Download the latest version GBA4iOS 2.1 which is compatible with iOS 8
  • for the device with iOS 6 version you can download GBA4IOS 1.6.2
  • Select install tab to download an emulator and it may take some time to complete its process.
  • After completion of installation process tap on the icon and open the app.
  •  You will find a search icon in the app, on tapping it will open the Google Search browser.
  •  You can find ROM files for the games and can download legally to backups games.
  • After the application download, you can change the date settings to Automatic.
  • If the application fails to open, then again set the date to a previous day.
  • Finally, you can start enjoying Gameboy Advance and all games on your iDevice using GBA emulator.

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