Clash Royale chest order hacks and guide for android

Clash Royale chest order: Nowadays all smartphones are provided with play store where we can find lots of games and apps. People are madly addicted to these games. One among those is Clash Royale.

Clash Royale chest order

Clash Royale chest order hacks and guide for Android

Clash Royale chest order is gathering a lot of craze with high reviews in recent times. An author who developed this game brought us his experience. It is here as a clash of canes to give us much more offers. This game is totally armament based cell fighting with multiplayer action which gives the opportunity to multiple players.

Clash Royale chest order

Clash Royale is not a simple game in the android play store; it is a franchise game which is created by Supercell. In a short period, this game even overtakes the popularity of CoC.

Clash Royale came out with attractive features will surely impress you and gets addicted to this match. When once you try playing this game hope you will find your day passing away without feeling boredom.Some the features which making this app more attractive discussed as below

Clash Royale features for Android device

  • It is a multiplayer action game which totally armament based cell fighting game which creates eagerness about the future levels in the player’s mind.
  • The customization and the graphics designed for this game are different compared to other games.
  • This game occupies only 80mb of space in your phone storage so you can happily use this game in your devices.
  • This game is simple and the possibilities to win this game is everlasting.

How to download Clash Royale

Clash Royale is available to download in both play store and iTunes. To download this game, there must be a storage of 1gb free space. It occupies stockpiling of 80 MB so before downloading it provides with a recommends you to have an open space in your device. And this can be used in Android devices.

Some of the guidelines for Clash Royale

Clash Royale is somewhat simple game. Here we need to know the player can profit only by knowing the tips about the match. The game takes over to the hands of multiplayer, so one has to know his way of playing the game. This may take him to reach victories.

Clash Royale hacks and tips found in Clash Royale wiki. This wiki may help you to know in detail information about the game and also assist you in to know about the game strategies.

 Clash Royale Glitches

And this app also currently has some glitches which may be overcome in future. These glitches are annoying the users. This app suddenly crashes few times it depends on the devices. While few of the Android users posted their review as app crashes. But this was heard only with Android users so others can use happily. Check out for the video to know more about this.

Clash Royale cheats listed as

Clash Royale cheats are coded with different codes some of them are here for you. You can use this code to win many more rewards.  To win troops, unlock character and earn gems and gold punch in a code one or two. You’ll be gaining a lot of game currency.

  • Fistful of Gems$1.29 – QZ_sbmTI3dcRB
  • Pouch of Gems$6.49 – OE_2gB2WMOjzx
  • Bucket of Gems$12.99 – TD_MGIX4aXjLH
  • Barrel of Gems$24.99 – SN_ihGuwftN52
  • Mountain of Gems$124.99 – DL_hPP2qTvpb5
  • Wagon of Gems$64.99 – UG_uMYyeQ3Xrn

Clash Royale Chest Order

Clash Royale Chest Order

Many of the people who have been playing this gam are looking forward to knowing the order of clash Royale chest drop. Before this has in percentage but in recent time it is figured out to be 240 chest cycle. In this each cycle consists of 3 giant and three magical chests, rest are mostly silver and gold. Magical chest and large chest are much needed at the end. The cycle gets automatically for every completion. The only way to record of this is by making it noted when you first get the magical chest till it reaches 240 counts. In this way, you can achieve the success path.

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